25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope your having a good one, ours is going great.. and its a proper winter wonderland out side.

Given the snow fell on Monday, its still hanging around and this morning the sun is out.. yeah!

Headed out with the Sweep the dog for our morning walk .. who is loving this snow to play in!

And so glad I got warm knitted items to keep me snug

Pogona using handspun yarn

Next time out will try to remember to put on a hat! not like I don't have any.. with a excitable dog easy to forgot my head lol

Turkey in oven .. boys out visiting time for me to relax and enjoy a cuppa in my new mug

21 November 2010

Fun Bags

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to join a KAL on Ravelry to make the Entrelac Envelope Bag by Anne Carroll Gilmour

I made my first using Rico Poems

First shows before felting then afterwards.

 The pattern is fun, the scary part is the felting! the pattern starts with a simple triangle and show how to knit backwards.. another first for me.. the rest is then knitted on from that start.. you don't have to knit backwards you can turn and purl.. but it does help with the first part.

After that tried with some handspun, which I had Navajo Plying.. got to say need to practise that some more, but the joy of felting it hides or gets rid of the bad spots ;)

First up Rose Blush hand dyed Corridale

Again showing before felting, then finished with a Mother of Pearl button

Then some BFL which I won a couple of years ago in a fund raising raffle

Finished with a cute flower button ..  buttons from Bunyip who were at the Knit Expo last Saturday.. the lady on that stall had great fun matching buttons for my bags, even had another customer helping us!

My main reason for going to the Knit Expo was to met the lovely Marianne (so great to see her in person after having got to know her online) who happens to dye gorgeous fibre and had to buy some which may turn into more bags! would love to spin and ply for a larger bag.. that is the aim any way.

17 September 2010

Journey to Pogona

All started back in December.. that was the last time I dyed any fibre.. been too busy since!

So some white merino was turned into this

Which I named Yasmina

And was the first fibre I spun on my Pioneer wheel

On the bobbin

Spun and plied.. 557 yrds

Over at Ravelry, came across the pattern Pogona and knew that was the one for this yarn

Stephen used fingering weight yarn and mine going by wraps per inch was slightly finer.. so went down a needle size to 3.75m and I had enough yarn.. with a little left over.. better that that not enough ;)
Love how this one has turned out .. just need the weather to turn  chilly and I will be wearing it.

04 September 2010


Trying out new phone... and hoping it works lol
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16 August 2010

Two for me!

After a busy time knitting 6 designs for Anni, which were done is Manos Silk Blend.. kinda nice to knit for me in a scrumptious yarn.. Sidar Calico.. I know there are people that love Silk blend and it might have been nicer if the weather hadn't been so warm to knit with a wool blend.. I love my cool cottons for this time of year lol

First up is Cerisara

This one was done between the Manos ones, I do get mini breaks while waiting on patterns lol

Did mine longer, so more of a jacket, for some reason all the full length photos came out odd! tried a few times

In Yarn Forward 27 was Tabitha design by Anni and knitted bottom up.. done one that way in the Manos and wanted to try one for myself so perfect..

Only thing was short sleeves.. not my style so made mine with full length and lengthen the body.

This morning got a message on Ravelry asking if Yarn Forward can feature it as part of their readers gallery.. cool hey?

Got a couple WIPs on needles and if I get around to it will take progress photos..

Till next time x

11 July 2010

This and that!

Been a whirl wind week.. Knit morning with Anni on Tuesday a lovely gift on Wednesday and Taryl ( younger son) passed his driving test on Thursday.. and he has taken his ole mum out every day since!

Was able to hand back to Anni, 4 knits pieces finished was working on the 5th of the 5 lots of yarn she gave me last month and I got given 2 more knits to do.. not bad hey? lol

Got more knits in mags ..2 in Yarn Forward.. preview here

The Belle Cardi for Anni, gorgeous one to do.. loved the yarn
Baltic Beach Hoodie for a designer in Germany.. sadly his got lost in the post so it was a rush job to get another made.. I did the front and back and Anna the editor finished the rest as it had to be seamed to complete.. I don't seam!

Back in April did a couple of shawls for Anni and one is out in the Knitters mag.. you can see Anni's post about it here oh and she has a sale on yarn.. so if you up for adding to your stash go grab some ;)

Got to show you my adorable gift from Steph

Way to cute and huge thanks Steph for making Rosie the mouse for me.. and she smells gorgeous of lavender

Between knitting the Manos designs.. have made good progress on my cardi

Cerisara by Chic Knits
Yarn Sirdar Calic, Lilac Twill colourway..
Loving the yarn and the pattern and the fact I can try it on as I go lol

Also found time to do a little bit of spinning, last month at the guild was fibre and fleece day.. Manda Crafts was there.. she did a talk on dyeing fibre on the first meeting I went too and it was lovely to see all her beautiful colours ways and buy some..
This is her Autumn colourway, in Merino and Cashmere
Gorgeous to spin and I have 200gs to do.. will take me some time ;)

Think that is it for now.. so till next time x

27 June 2010

Raspberry Crush Pulli

Yeah a FO for me.. whoot lol

This has been on the needles since May.. but I have knitted a fair bit for others between 5 garments to be exact.. have to say I only knit.. others do the finishing..

Saying that what I love about this is no sewing up.. just a few ends to weave in...

Only got dummy photos.. far too hot to model .. typical when something is finished and you want to wear it!

Details.. Pattern Mondo Cable Pulli
Mods.. made it another cable longer.

A perfect knit to have to pick up and knit when ever, this designer rocks as far as I am concerned..a simple design that is easy to follow.. what more can you need.

Yarn.. Sidar Denim Aran.. colourway Madder.. love this yarn .. soft, squishy and delicous to work with.. and total bonus not one knot/join.. see yarn companys it can be done! really ticks me off the bits of yarn joined together to make a ball of yarn.

Got yarn sat in my knitting bag to start something else for me.. making the most of Anni being away at Woolfest.. although I think she may be on her way home.. so better get on with it lol

Till next time x

17 June 2010

Magazine Knitting

This month got two knits I have done for magazines.

First up Candace Shawl designed by Anni

Another gorgeous pattern to work and this was done back in February.. for Lets Knit Magazine..

The other pattern is in Yarn Forward... haven't got any photos although you can see a tiny preview here
Its the men's zipper cardi (down toward the bottom).. designer Erica Knight.
Easy knit and very grateful I don't do the finishing lol as I wouldn't want to do the zip! coward.. yep that is me
This was a more recent knit, done last month... kinda in a hurry to get it ready for this month but we got it done thanks to Anna (the editor) super sewing and me knitting.

In the midst of knitting for Anni, this time working with Manos del Uruguay, Silk Blend.. she has some super new designs for them.. got 5 to do.. done one, nearly finished the second.. so I have better get back to it..

Till next time x

03 June 2010

In a Spin!

I got a email last Wednesday from Hedgehog Equipment that I have been waiting for since February.. my Pioneer had arrived in the country.. quick payment and it was here on Friday... delivered at 7.20am! and I had to wait till Taryl finished work and been fed before I could play!.. along with his reasoning that he didn't want to stop me working for Anni as I have jumper on the needles for her...humph lol

Any way I worked hard that day.. so when set up I could play.. for a short time
Wow how sweet she is to spin.. no more hip pain..and I can sit on the sofa all comfy.

Here is Honey Belle ( my name for her)

Here is some hand dyed Merino that I finished spinning this morning
while waiting for next part of the pattern.. so I can't knit till then lol
Another bobbin to spin.. to make a 2ply yarn.

I had ordered the plying kit.. that hasn't come through yet.. can still ply without it.. and then I would love to get a lace kit.. as I do love to spin the fine stuff lol

I did try N plying with Honey Belle with some success ( got to take photos) with some singles I spun on the Peacock though I love spinning on the Peacock, found plying too tricky.. think its the hook for the orifice.. so decided to sell her to a lady at the Guild that showed an interest... got to remember to take it with me next Saturday.

Been a busy fun week.. knitting group on Tuesday where I met up with Anni.. got 5 more lots of work and took a newish knitter with me Tracy and for a youngster (19) compared to most of us lol she is doing great.. knitting a garter st blankie. we enabled/encouraged her, to buy needles, yarn and a pattern for a hat.. didn't take much though lol.. helped her start that and now she feels a proper knitter, with 2 projects on the go.. tehehehe..Shame she can't come along on a regular basis.. work won't let her!

Till next time.. x

16 May 2010


A dress I knitted for Anni back in March, made front cover of issue 26 of Yarn Forward
Link takes you to the preview page.
Can't say the colour appealed to me, while working it.. but looks good on the cover... the yarn is gorgeous though.

This week had a tiny break from working for Yarn Forward, had a back and front of a sleeveless mans top to do.. posted that Monday and got more yarn on Thursday to do a zipper cardi.. mens again.. so made the most of those few days free to finish a jumper for me.. one that has been worked between knitting for Anni and YF.

Sandrine by Chicknits

Yarn Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK Colour way Prints Spring Bouquet
Loved the way this knitting up, hated there wasn't one whole ball, all bits joined with stupid knots... errrr.
This design is done from the top down,so little finishing.. would have been it I didn't have so many ends to weave in.

I have made a good start on another Chicknit pattern,  Mondo Cable Pulli, just got to under the arms where now its simple in the round knitting down the body.. love its simplicity in how its worked and the yarn is gorgeous, Sidar, Denim Aran.. so soft and squishy.. the link takes you to the online shop where I bought the yarn.. in Madder colourway.. in real life looks like raspberry crush.. gorgeous.. my boys gave me money for my birthday at the start of the month and I chooose that and the Nutmeg Marl... going to do the Madder in the long sleeved version and the Nutmeg shorter/cap sleeved verison.. although this yarn seems to be going a long way.. might get two long sleeves pulli's (love that word lol)

I can't recommend this online shop highly enough, ordered the yarn, on a Wednesday evening and the yarn was here, on the Friday.. free postage over £30.00 and they sent it recorded! very good service.

Right better get back to the YF knit.. trying to have it  back to them by the end of the week..

Till next time xxx

11 May 2010

Peacock Electric Spinner

A chance conversation, at last months WSD Guild meeting about spinning wheels and how I am waiting on a Majacraft Pioneer to be able to spin more comforatably.. I love my Louet S10 but being single treadle does cause me a lot of pain... so puts me off spinning as I do like to finish what I start!.

The lovely lady I was talking too has been spinning for a number of years and got what I was saying, and said she had a Peacock for sale.

This month she brought it with her and I feel in love with this cute little machine and its all mine! To be honest never gave having a motor to do all the hard work a thought.. feels some how like cheating lol and I do find not having to use my legs/feet kinda odd.. but good as I can stop when I want to.. not because I have too.

Here are some photos

Click to view larger if  you wish.

Its neat as you can control the speed with a dail at the front of the machine, or a sewing machine foot pedal which the lady had put on.

Theres about 40g on the bobbin and lovely having a effortless spinning session.

Well till next time.. Take Care x

15 April 2010

Artesano new designs

Anni was approched by Artesano to design for a new yarn  Manos del Uruguay Lace  a gorgeous blend of alpaca, silk and cashmere and I was lucky enough to be asked to knit up two of them..

First was a jumper Adele (Ravelry link)

This was gorgeous to knit, the lace stitch pattern easy enough to memorise

Photo courtsey of Artesano

Next was Leanne ( Ravelry link)

Scarf with borders knitted afterwards... another easy knit

Photo courtsey of Artesano

Nice to finally show work I did back in Feburary .. done a few more things for Anni since but until they have been published.. will have to wait to show those.

Till next time.. take care x

22 March 2010

Shock a pair of Socks!

Seems like ages ago that I made a pair of socks, and ages since I started this pair.. which I did some time over Christmas.. a on going project that I would pick up to knit now and then.. between other things.

This weekend decided to finish them and here they are

Lana Grossa, stretch cotton sock yarn.
Stitch pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks
Toe up, with a short row heel.

Just started another pair of socks (on a roll here lol) this time knitting from a sock blank (a first for me) that Anni made on her knitting machine then dyed .. I took a quick photo before starting.
 These will just be plain knit, as I think Anni wants them as an example, or sample lol either way.. they will be my next here and there project.

06 March 2010

Something to show!

Been super busy with the needles, working for Anni .. last month knitted a sweater, a scarf and a shawl... first two for a yarn company and third a magazine submission.. more on those when they get published.. so cool working for Anni and getting to try out patterns and with the first two a brand new lace yarn..

Before I got to work on those, went to Spin a Yarn in Bovey Tracy with Anni, for the knitting coffee morning, where I got to choose yarn to make myself Lilia
So cool to choose yarn with the designer and I love my choice..

So here is my version

Yarn King Cole Mirage .. Colour way Istanbul 868
Bought 5 balls, and had more than enough to make mine longer than pattern and to make sure the colours matched for the front.. had to re-knit one of the sleeves as that ball something funky happened with one of the colours and I do like things to near enough line up! .. Pickie Pixie I know lol

My hands are now complaining from the sewing up, so my next project for me is going to be no seams! got a couple of things in mind...

That is the good thing about working for Anni, she does the finishing..

Till next time.. take care x

21 January 2010

Rosebud shawl

Anni asked me if I would re-knit her Rosebud shawl (Ravelry link)
Original  for Yarn Forward magazine

First one I knitted in June 2008, so fun to re-do and gorgeous in her Angel Lace yarn

Nice and easy to work  being a rectangle shape.
Pattern will be available for purchase.

Photo courtesy of Anni

02 January 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.

Ours was good, quiet Christmas day (just me and Troy) and not so quiet afterwards lol.. we all got what we wanted and needed too!

With our freezing weather decided I needed a hat! not really a hat person.. Tracy (Taryl's girlfriend) loves hats so I knew if I made one and didn't like.. she would find it a good home..

First one .. I didn't like .. double knit and cables.. that will either live with Tracy or she is torn about giving it to her sister.. no photos as that one flat didn't really show much of the detail.

So from there decided, sock weight ( 4ply) and lacey would work better for me.

Taryl and Tracy had a  rummage through my stash and decided on a Anni Yarn Addict yarn
In colour way Plum Pudding ( very apt for knitting over the Christmas time!)

Pattern Parnassius Apollo Beret  Ravelry link

Did a tubular cast on and used 3.75 mm needle for main part

Its perfect for me and I have worn it a couple of times since.

Had enough over to make a pair of mitts

Based on the Pattern Mitt Envy

I changed the cable pattern and worked 4 rows between cables to lengthen the pattern slightly

Perfect fit and with 4gs of yarn left over.

This set goes really well with the scarf I wove a while back and kept for myself..

Anni Cashmere in the colourway Plum.. so meant to be

Wishing every one a really good 2010

Till next time xxx