28 May 2011

Sparkle Renita

This was a quick and simple knit, the yarn and pattern worked well together..

 Shame the sparkle doesn't shine in the photos!

Love the stripey sparkly yarn and the pattern Renita is charming to work, simple enough to pick up as and when but not at all boring, which in the past I have found with this type of design, where you work sideways.. starting with a few stitches, increasing to mid point, then decrease to the end point.

Really pleased I bought the e-book Sideways Shawlettes as I can see me making more.

16 May 2011

Knitting for me!

Since the last post, started a  Basic Chic Pulli for me.. had done the body with the shaping, which when done decided I didn't like it that way! did one last year without and it suits me better, so frogged back and restarted

Yarn Sidar Denim Tweed, colourway Hazelnut.. love the shades and stripes in this colourway and its nice to have something simple to pick up as and when.

Anni, sent me some gorgeous gifts for my birthday and amongst it was a skein of Sparkle silk & silver Sock yarn from Fyberspates
Been itching to find a pattern and with a mini break this weekend from knitting work settled on Renita

Its coming along nicely.. even if I say so myself! lol

Right enough time on here, time to get back to needles.. before work lands again ;)