27 June 2010

Raspberry Crush Pulli

Yeah a FO for me.. whoot lol

This has been on the needles since May.. but I have knitted a fair bit for others between 5 garments to be exact.. have to say I only knit.. others do the finishing..

Saying that what I love about this is no sewing up.. just a few ends to weave in...

Only got dummy photos.. far too hot to model .. typical when something is finished and you want to wear it!

Details.. Pattern Mondo Cable Pulli
Mods.. made it another cable longer.

A perfect knit to have to pick up and knit when ever, this designer rocks as far as I am concerned..a simple design that is easy to follow.. what more can you need.

Yarn.. Sidar Denim Aran.. colourway Madder.. love this yarn .. soft, squishy and delicous to work with.. and total bonus not one knot/join.. see yarn companys it can be done! really ticks me off the bits of yarn joined together to make a ball of yarn.

Got yarn sat in my knitting bag to start something else for me.. making the most of Anni being away at Woolfest.. although I think she may be on her way home.. so better get on with it lol

Till next time x

17 June 2010

Magazine Knitting

This month got two knits I have done for magazines.

First up Candace Shawl designed by Anni

Another gorgeous pattern to work and this was done back in February.. for Lets Knit Magazine..

The other pattern is in Yarn Forward... haven't got any photos although you can see a tiny preview here
Its the men's zipper cardi (down toward the bottom).. designer Erica Knight.
Easy knit and very grateful I don't do the finishing lol as I wouldn't want to do the zip! coward.. yep that is me
This was a more recent knit, done last month... kinda in a hurry to get it ready for this month but we got it done thanks to Anna (the editor) super sewing and me knitting.

In the midst of knitting for Anni, this time working with Manos del Uruguay, Silk Blend.. she has some super new designs for them.. got 5 to do.. done one, nearly finished the second.. so I have better get back to it..

Till next time x

03 June 2010

In a Spin!

I got a email last Wednesday from Hedgehog Equipment that I have been waiting for since February.. my Pioneer had arrived in the country.. quick payment and it was here on Friday... delivered at 7.20am! and I had to wait till Taryl finished work and been fed before I could play!.. along with his reasoning that he didn't want to stop me working for Anni as I have jumper on the needles for her...humph lol

Any way I worked hard that day.. so when set up I could play.. for a short time
Wow how sweet she is to spin.. no more hip pain..and I can sit on the sofa all comfy.

Here is Honey Belle ( my name for her)

Here is some hand dyed Merino that I finished spinning this morning
while waiting for next part of the pattern.. so I can't knit till then lol
Another bobbin to spin.. to make a 2ply yarn.

I had ordered the plying kit.. that hasn't come through yet.. can still ply without it.. and then I would love to get a lace kit.. as I do love to spin the fine stuff lol

I did try N plying with Honey Belle with some success ( got to take photos) with some singles I spun on the Peacock though I love spinning on the Peacock, found plying too tricky.. think its the hook for the orifice.. so decided to sell her to a lady at the Guild that showed an interest... got to remember to take it with me next Saturday.

Been a busy fun week.. knitting group on Tuesday where I met up with Anni.. got 5 more lots of work and took a newish knitter with me Tracy and for a youngster (19) compared to most of us lol she is doing great.. knitting a garter st blankie. we enabled/encouraged her, to buy needles, yarn and a pattern for a hat.. didn't take much though lol.. helped her start that and now she feels a proper knitter, with 2 projects on the go.. tehehehe..Shame she can't come along on a regular basis.. work won't let her!

Till next time.. x