27 June 2010

Raspberry Crush Pulli

Yeah a FO for me.. whoot lol

This has been on the needles since May.. but I have knitted a fair bit for others between 5 garments to be exact.. have to say I only knit.. others do the finishing..

Saying that what I love about this is no sewing up.. just a few ends to weave in...

Only got dummy photos.. far too hot to model .. typical when something is finished and you want to wear it!

Details.. Pattern Mondo Cable Pulli
Mods.. made it another cable longer.

A perfect knit to have to pick up and knit when ever, this designer rocks as far as I am concerned..a simple design that is easy to follow.. what more can you need.

Yarn.. Sidar Denim Aran.. colourway Madder.. love this yarn .. soft, squishy and delicous to work with.. and total bonus not one knot/join.. see yarn companys it can be done! really ticks me off the bits of yarn joined together to make a ball of yarn.

Got yarn sat in my knitting bag to start something else for me.. making the most of Anni being away at Woolfest.. although I think she may be on her way home.. so better get on with it lol

Till next time x


Anonymous said...

Oh that looks lovely :) know what you mean about it being too warm! I really want to wear my jumper but it's way too hot.
Saw Anni at Woolfest and showed her the jumper, I was well chuffed :D and I bought way too much yarn and fibre. Oops :D

Anni said...

LOL. Get back to work! LOL. Love your sweater. Good to hear you're managing to fit in some knits for yourself. Love teh sweater and the colour of the yarn. Gorgeous.