11 July 2010

This and that!

Been a whirl wind week.. Knit morning with Anni on Tuesday a lovely gift on Wednesday and Taryl ( younger son) passed his driving test on Thursday.. and he has taken his ole mum out every day since!

Was able to hand back to Anni, 4 knits pieces finished was working on the 5th of the 5 lots of yarn she gave me last month and I got given 2 more knits to do.. not bad hey? lol

Got more knits in mags ..2 in Yarn Forward.. preview here

The Belle Cardi for Anni, gorgeous one to do.. loved the yarn
Baltic Beach Hoodie for a designer in Germany.. sadly his got lost in the post so it was a rush job to get another made.. I did the front and back and Anna the editor finished the rest as it had to be seamed to complete.. I don't seam!

Back in April did a couple of shawls for Anni and one is out in the Knitters mag.. you can see Anni's post about it here oh and she has a sale on yarn.. so if you up for adding to your stash go grab some ;)

Got to show you my adorable gift from Steph

Way to cute and huge thanks Steph for making Rosie the mouse for me.. and she smells gorgeous of lavender

Between knitting the Manos designs.. have made good progress on my cardi

Cerisara by Chic Knits
Yarn Sirdar Calic, Lilac Twill colourway..
Loving the yarn and the pattern and the fact I can try it on as I go lol

Also found time to do a little bit of spinning, last month at the guild was fibre and fleece day.. Manda Crafts was there.. she did a talk on dyeing fibre on the first meeting I went too and it was lovely to see all her beautiful colours ways and buy some..
This is her Autumn colourway, in Merino and Cashmere
Gorgeous to spin and I have 200gs to do.. will take me some time ;)

Think that is it for now.. so till next time x


Anonymous said...

EEEP :) glad you like mousie Rosie :) and your handspun looks great :)

Kay said...

OOoooooo love thay mousey. I have been trying for months to knit a coat for princess and trust me when I say although I have started its taking forever and not really getting anywhere. I need to find some crafty talent for these ahnds of mine

Wrayne said...

You never cease to amaze me, my friend.