16 August 2010

Two for me!

After a busy time knitting 6 designs for Anni, which were done is Manos Silk Blend.. kinda nice to knit for me in a scrumptious yarn.. Sidar Calico.. I know there are people that love Silk blend and it might have been nicer if the weather hadn't been so warm to knit with a wool blend.. I love my cool cottons for this time of year lol

First up is Cerisara

This one was done between the Manos ones, I do get mini breaks while waiting on patterns lol

Did mine longer, so more of a jacket, for some reason all the full length photos came out odd! tried a few times

In Yarn Forward 27 was Tabitha design by Anni and knitted bottom up.. done one that way in the Manos and wanted to try one for myself so perfect..

Only thing was short sleeves.. not my style so made mine with full length and lengthen the body.

This morning got a message on Ravelry asking if Yarn Forward can feature it as part of their readers gallery.. cool hey?

Got a couple WIPs on needles and if I get around to it will take progress photos..

Till next time x

1 comment:

Anni said...

gorgeous knits. Love both of them. tabitha looks great with long sleeves and love the cardi too. More knitting on the way to you today, so enjoy your break it won't last long now that I'm back. LOL.