10 December 2011

Snug as a bug

Two cosy knits for me, first up a hoodie, the Basic Chic Hoodie

 Yarn, Sirdar Country Style DK in Dark Purple,

Fab pattern and fits perfectly, love the hood, and it makes my boys giggle as to them its a "Pixie" hood! perfect for me then lol

Taryl (younger son) bought me a new coat, early Christmas pressie, a nice warm water proof coat and of course needed mitts to go with it.

Wanted a pair of colourwork mitts and Vagabond caught my eye

 Loved the pattern, made it smaller by going down a needle size and working less before starting thumb.
Yarn Cynet 4ply in colours Denim mix and white

Where ever you are.. hope your snug as a bug too :)

20 October 2011

Cranberry Velynda

The latest cardi is Velynda from Chic Knits

Another great design and simple to work, the body from the bottom up and the sleeves worked downwards

 Yarn Sirdar Country Style DK the 50g version in the colourway Cranberry 418
Buttons from Bunyip
All in all another cosy winter cardi, ideal for the cold snap we are currently having

A couple of knits I have done for Anni have been published and you can see them on her post here my fav the blue cable.. love cables :)

Apart from that all has been quiet here.. well apart from Ino pup keeping us on our toes.. gosh you do forget how much time pups take up so leaving you with a cute shot of our little boy! (click if you want to view bigger)

29 September 2011

Paris Mill Shawlette

This is a lovely Shawlette to work pattern on Ravelry Paris Mill

When I saw it .. I knew I wanted to make one for a very special friend Kay for her Birthday.
I picked a Yarn Addict Yarn called Peach Melba in Angel Sock yarn..

 And its gorgeous, only thing the pink in it is more raspberry and I felt too strong a shade as I know Kay prefers softer colours

At Fibre Fest on Anni's stall was a gorgeous colourway called Flower in her Bamboozle Sock yarn and this for me was perfect

 The colours blend better in my mind on this one and this way me and Kay have one each :)

On a none craftie note, we have a new addition to the family Taryl younger son got himself a puppy and here is Ino (pronounced Eno)

He is a dear little chap a Sprollie (Springer x Collie) and will be a friend to Sweep our 8 year old collie

 Sweep looks like a hairy bear next to Ino lol..lots of fun and games ahead for them and us!

12 September 2011

Year of the Cardi!

Oh my haven't posted in a while and blogger have changed things!

Just sewn buttons on my new cardi and realised I hadn't posted about the one before.. so will start with that one Sullivan by Whitney Gegg-Harrison

 Yarn Sirdar Country Style in the colourway Berber Fleck 596
Great pattern and learnt lots from this one, it has a folded hem for the body, icord cast on for sleeves, both of which I forgot to take photos off! then finished with a icord edging which you should be able to see from photos its a little on the large size but will be ideal in the winter with a long sleeved top. The size issue is more from me changing yarn and needle size and if I was to make another would go down in size.. but I am happy with it.

Hot off the needles in another fab design from Chic Knits Derica Kane

Yarn Sirdar Country Style colourway Soft Teal 602.. love this yarn, its easy to work with and easy to wash in the machine.. my kind of yarn lol

The pattern is brilliant as is all of Chic Knit patterns for me anyway.. they just seem to work well and the fit .. fits.. did make mine longer and did full length sleeves.

This makes my 5th cardi of the year! and already cast on for number 6 Chic knits realeased 2 new ones this Autumn and doing the other Velynda in Sirdar again, using their new version of Country style which is in 50g balls with more wool content and in a gorgeous Cranberry colour.. more when that is done.

There has been other knitting some for Anni, midway through one.. just waiting on the next part and a special knit for a special person which I can't show till they see it, which hopefully won't be too long as its winging its way to them :)

Well Blogger you did make adding photos hard work but got there I hope in the end!
Till next time x

03 July 2011

Aspen Tea Leaves Cardi

Yep another knit for me :-)

Pattern Tea Leaves Cardi
Yarn Sirdar Denim Tweed DK-Colour Aspen Blue Really good price at that link ;)
Buttons Bunyip, their shop isn't too far from me and had great fun choosing them.

Pattern is very simply written and easy to follow.
Made mine longer and added shaping to the body to give it more swing by increasing down the side seams, also shaped the sleeves more at the cuffs as I don't care for loose fitting cuffs!

Now waiting on cooler weather to wear it lol..

13 June 2011

Twinkle Pink Daisy

Lucky me got to test Anni's  Daisy Shawlette and get to keep it too as she already had a sample, all I needed to do was check out pattern and make sure there was enough yarn

Here is mine

The yarn is Twinkletoes Sock yarn
Which is gorgeous to work with, soft and squishy with subtle sparkles
I started with 102grams and finished with  2 yrds left over..
Pattern is now available to buy from the above link.. its a very enjoyable knit :)

09 June 2011

Hazelnut Pulli

Is finally finished!  been on the needles for a while as I had 3 pieces of knitting work between.. more about those when released.

So here is the pulli all done

I added length to the body and didn't do the waist shaping.. it took 6 balls of Sirdar Denim Tweed DK

One of the knits I did for Anni a while back has been published and you can see and read about it on her blog here

Next to tackle will be a test knit of her gorgeous Daisy shawl, I saw her version on Tuesday at the Spin a Yarn knit morning and it stunning!

The yarn should arrive to day, looking forward to trying out her Twinkletoes yarn :)

28 May 2011

Sparkle Renita

This was a quick and simple knit, the yarn and pattern worked well together..

 Shame the sparkle doesn't shine in the photos!

Love the stripey sparkly yarn and the pattern Renita is charming to work, simple enough to pick up as and when but not at all boring, which in the past I have found with this type of design, where you work sideways.. starting with a few stitches, increasing to mid point, then decrease to the end point.

Really pleased I bought the e-book Sideways Shawlettes as I can see me making more.

16 May 2011

Knitting for me!

Since the last post, started a  Basic Chic Pulli for me.. had done the body with the shaping, which when done decided I didn't like it that way! did one last year without and it suits me better, so frogged back and restarted

Yarn Sidar Denim Tweed, colourway Hazelnut.. love the shades and stripes in this colourway and its nice to have something simple to pick up as and when.

Anni, sent me some gorgeous gifts for my birthday and amongst it was a skein of Sparkle silk & silver Sock yarn from Fyberspates
Been itching to find a pattern and with a mini break this weekend from knitting work settled on Renita

Its coming along nicely.. even if I say so myself! lol

Right enough time on here, time to get back to needles.. before work lands again ;)

29 April 2011

Plum Done!

What a great day, loved the Royal Wedding and all the best to them both :)

While watching all the goings on from 8 this morning, happily finished my cardi

Added length to the body and sleeves and love it!

Haven't gotten the next lot of work through.. so quickly casted on for something else for me.. more on that, when there is more to show!

Have a super weekend.. till next time x

26 April 2011

Plum Fun

Not had much for me to blog about, been a whirl of sample knitting for others, a mini break means time for me!

First up I chain plied the Wildcraft Prunus EWB from previous post

I got 168 yards from 100 grams and will make a lovely felted bag

Then what to knit for me, luckily Chic Knits released a new Pattern Vonica and just my sort of pattern, seamless and worked top down and in DK weight yarn.. I choose Sidar Denim Tweed in the colour way Plum Duff, love this yarn, soft and squishy.. with the right balance of wool, cotton and acrylic to make it a easy care garment.

Very clever design to have the neck band incorporated while working the fronts pieces.
The fronts are worked first round the neck, then back sts picked up from them.
I started each piece with a new ball of yarn and left them attached.. which left yarn ready for joining for body and in the right place for picking up sts for the sleeves.

I worked the body, till that yarn ended, then put sts on hold and worked sleeves..till their yarn ended.
Sleeves now on hold and back to finish body!

I hope to get body done today, hopefully lol then to decided if to do sleeves as pattern or full length, which is more likely as I do like a long sleeve ;)

Till next time x

09 March 2011

March FO's

Some how Feb slipped by in a haze of knitting for Anni, great fun as it was with a gorgeous new yarn.. more to follow when the patterns are published.. you can get a little view of two I did in this blog post by Anni.
I did one in cream and a blue mix.. love how Artesano dyed this yarn, although cream seemed an odd choice (their choice) it looked lovely knitted up!

I did start Damson for my Mum, was meant to be a Christmas pressie, but first yarn went missing in the snow! I spotted that Great British yarns sells Knit pick yarns, so ordered Blue Violet which seemed apt as my Gran loved growing African Violets.. Took Damson with me to the Spin a Yarn knit morning last week (had a lovely time catching up with Anni and the other lovely ladies) then got the urge to continue and finish

Didn't have enough yarn to do the loopy bit on the edge, but love the simple lines of this shawlette.. will give it to Mum for Mothers Day in April.

My sister Pam, admired my felted bags and had a rummage through my handspun and choose this one
Hand dyed, hand spun Shetland, named Shayla, which was knitted then felted

Finished size 6.5in.. was different making this one as she had a size in mind.. now she has to come over and see if it her phone and bits fit in there... could always check with Taryl as he has the same phone.. that just occured to me lol

Also had a little time to spin.. some gorgeous fibre from Wildcraft
Prunus EWB ( English Wool Blend) lovely to spin and will let it rest to chain ply it

Now to find something to do, while waiting for patterns to arrive.. then its a busy ole time ahead!