10 December 2011

Snug as a bug

Two cosy knits for me, first up a hoodie, the Basic Chic Hoodie

 Yarn, Sirdar Country Style DK in Dark Purple,

Fab pattern and fits perfectly, love the hood, and it makes my boys giggle as to them its a "Pixie" hood! perfect for me then lol

Taryl (younger son) bought me a new coat, early Christmas pressie, a nice warm water proof coat and of course needed mitts to go with it.

Wanted a pair of colourwork mitts and Vagabond caught my eye

 Loved the pattern, made it smaller by going down a needle size and working less before starting thumb.
Yarn Cynet 4ply in colours Denim mix and white

Where ever you are.. hope your snug as a bug too :)

1 comment:

Penny said...

LOVE those mitts, SO pretty!