31 January 2011

A Supreme Shawlette

Squeezing in one last FO for this month, a gorgeous shawlette knitted last week for Anni  to be part of  her Easy Lace e-book, due in April-ish

She very kindly sent me photos for me to use here

Knitted in Supreme Sock Yarn which is gorgeous and the pattern a joy to work.

21 January 2011

FO's for this month!

 Had other knits to do, (for designers) and this one ideal to pick up and do bits in-between, till I got to the last 2 charts, then I was itching to finish.. OK the very last chart was 2 rows, so be silly to stop.

Love how the Supreme Sock Yarn worked with the pattern, its so soft and squishy, ideal for this type of shawlette..I used 142g and noticed Anni has a new base yarn, and you will get more yardage, as mine was 360 yrds.

Working with newer base and its just as gorgeous to work with, this is a shawlette for Anni and more about that when its done :)

Spun some fibre last month and let it rest! to make it ideal to N ply and got that done this week
Fuschia - BFL
Meriyam - BFL
Both dyed by me.. might turn into bags! will see lol

One knit I did for Anni, last  September, is out in Yarn Forward Issue 34, Selina, which is a gorgeous shaped cable jumper.. you can read Anni's description of it here 

Got a few more bits of knitting work to do, then need to plan something for me ;)

Back to the needles I go....

02 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey ho a day late.. but better late than never hey?

Had good intentions of writing a post yesterday .. but it kinda slipped by in a haze of sleeping and feeling really ill.. yep we all came down New Years Eve with a bug.. sort of cold/flu type thing.. that is all of us apart from Taryl.. who isn't allowed to be ill as he needs to run around after us ;) lol

Over Christmas he was my little Elf.. helping with all sorts and now having a car came in real handy and Elf's have to stay 'ealthy or so I say!

Any ways, this time last year.. my intention was to knit myself garments and that I did manage.. 7 jumpers, 1 sleeveless top, 2 cardi's, do have a lace weight cardi on needles.. well pleased with that.. my favorites have to be the Mondo Cable Pulli's did 2 of those, followed by Lila (Ravelry Link)

Counting all the garments knitted last year, comes to 33! most of those for Anni and I have the first for this year waiting to be cast on.

Wasn't just garments, did some shawls/shawlettes and all told 11.. 3 of them for me, 2 Pogona's.. love that pattern and did a Ishbel with matching beret.. which came in well used with the cold snap we had in December.. Had hoped to do Damson for my Mum for Christmas but the yarn never arrived and not too sure where it is!

There was a Hat n Scarf set called Joanne, which is on the cover of Yarn Forward 33.

Last but not least was 2 pairs of socks completed, with one pair on needles, one pair was for me and one for a friend of Taryl's who was taken by Tary's hand knitted ones she wanted a pair, also got Tracy (Taryl's GF) to start a sock, she made a good start, with a toe up and I did the heel as that she felt was beyond her and she has the leg to do.. if she even finishes she may do the other ;)

Ended the year by finishing a scarf for Anni and then making a start on Maia (Ravelry link) in gorgeous Supreme Sock yarn YarnAddict Yarns

Wishing you all a wonderful 2011 and it is all you can hope for and more x