21 January 2011

FO's for this month!

 Had other knits to do, (for designers) and this one ideal to pick up and do bits in-between, till I got to the last 2 charts, then I was itching to finish.. OK the very last chart was 2 rows, so be silly to stop.

Love how the Supreme Sock Yarn worked with the pattern, its so soft and squishy, ideal for this type of shawlette..I used 142g and noticed Anni has a new base yarn, and you will get more yardage, as mine was 360 yrds.

Working with newer base and its just as gorgeous to work with, this is a shawlette for Anni and more about that when its done :)

Spun some fibre last month and let it rest! to make it ideal to N ply and got that done this week
Fuschia - BFL
Meriyam - BFL
Both dyed by me.. might turn into bags! will see lol

One knit I did for Anni, last  September, is out in Yarn Forward Issue 34, Selina, which is a gorgeous shaped cable jumper.. you can read Anni's description of it here 

Got a few more bits of knitting work to do, then need to plan something for me ;)

Back to the needles I go....


Anni said...

Love the shawlette. Looks very pretty. And love your handspun. I've actually done some spinning in the last week too.

Anonymous said...

I love the shawl, your knitting is beautiful, so intricate and even. Gorgeous colours in the spinning too!

Kay said...

Ooooooooo beautiful. I am amazed by your talent, awesome

Luv ya