29 September 2011

Paris Mill Shawlette

This is a lovely Shawlette to work pattern on Ravelry Paris Mill

When I saw it .. I knew I wanted to make one for a very special friend Kay for her Birthday.
I picked a Yarn Addict Yarn called Peach Melba in Angel Sock yarn..

 And its gorgeous, only thing the pink in it is more raspberry and I felt too strong a shade as I know Kay prefers softer colours

At Fibre Fest on Anni's stall was a gorgeous colourway called Flower in her Bamboozle Sock yarn and this for me was perfect

 The colours blend better in my mind on this one and this way me and Kay have one each :)

On a none craftie note, we have a new addition to the family Taryl younger son got himself a puppy and here is Ino (pronounced Eno)

He is a dear little chap a Sprollie (Springer x Collie) and will be a friend to Sweep our 8 year old collie

 Sweep looks like a hairy bear next to Ino lol..lots of fun and games ahead for them and us!

1 comment:

Anni said...

Love the two shawlettes. The colours make it look really delicate. I nearly kept a skein of 'Flower' for myself. LOL.

A very cute puppy.