09 March 2011

March FO's

Some how Feb slipped by in a haze of knitting for Anni, great fun as it was with a gorgeous new yarn.. more to follow when the patterns are published.. you can get a little view of two I did in this blog post by Anni.
I did one in cream and a blue mix.. love how Artesano dyed this yarn, although cream seemed an odd choice (their choice) it looked lovely knitted up!

I did start Damson for my Mum, was meant to be a Christmas pressie, but first yarn went missing in the snow! I spotted that Great British yarns sells Knit pick yarns, so ordered Blue Violet which seemed apt as my Gran loved growing African Violets.. Took Damson with me to the Spin a Yarn knit morning last week (had a lovely time catching up with Anni and the other lovely ladies) then got the urge to continue and finish

Didn't have enough yarn to do the loopy bit on the edge, but love the simple lines of this shawlette.. will give it to Mum for Mothers Day in April.

My sister Pam, admired my felted bags and had a rummage through my handspun and choose this one
Hand dyed, hand spun Shetland, named Shayla, which was knitted then felted

Finished size 6.5in.. was different making this one as she had a size in mind.. now she has to come over and see if it her phone and bits fit in there... could always check with Taryl as he has the same phone.. that just occured to me lol

Also had a little time to spin.. some gorgeous fibre from Wildcraft
Prunus EWB ( English Wool Blend) lovely to spin and will let it rest to chain ply it

Now to find something to do, while waiting for patterns to arrive.. then its a busy ole time ahead!

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Anni said...

Love your Damson. wish I had time to knit one. Love the handspun especially the colours for the felted bag which looks gorgeous too.