03 June 2010

In a Spin!

I got a email last Wednesday from Hedgehog Equipment that I have been waiting for since February.. my Pioneer had arrived in the country.. quick payment and it was here on Friday... delivered at 7.20am! and I had to wait till Taryl finished work and been fed before I could play!.. along with his reasoning that he didn't want to stop me working for Anni as I have jumper on the needles for her...humph lol

Any way I worked hard that day.. so when set up I could play.. for a short time
Wow how sweet she is to spin.. no more hip pain..and I can sit on the sofa all comfy.

Here is Honey Belle ( my name for her)

Here is some hand dyed Merino that I finished spinning this morning
while waiting for next part of the pattern.. so I can't knit till then lol
Another bobbin to spin.. to make a 2ply yarn.

I had ordered the plying kit.. that hasn't come through yet.. can still ply without it.. and then I would love to get a lace kit.. as I do love to spin the fine stuff lol

I did try N plying with Honey Belle with some success ( got to take photos) with some singles I spun on the Peacock though I love spinning on the Peacock, found plying too tricky.. think its the hook for the orifice.. so decided to sell her to a lady at the Guild that showed an interest... got to remember to take it with me next Saturday.

Been a busy fun week.. knitting group on Tuesday where I met up with Anni.. got 5 more lots of work and took a newish knitter with me Tracy and for a youngster (19) compared to most of us lol she is doing great.. knitting a garter st blankie. we enabled/encouraged her, to buy needles, yarn and a pattern for a hat.. didn't take much though lol.. helped her start that and now she feels a proper knitter, with 2 projects on the go.. tehehehe..Shame she can't come along on a regular basis.. work won't let her!

Till next time.. x


Anonymous said...

I like to enable other people, it's almost like peer pressure, getting someone into knitting :D

Anni said...

Wheel looks fantastic.