17 June 2010

Magazine Knitting

This month got two knits I have done for magazines.

First up Candace Shawl designed by Anni

Another gorgeous pattern to work and this was done back in February.. for Lets Knit Magazine..

The other pattern is in Yarn Forward... haven't got any photos although you can see a tiny preview here
Its the men's zipper cardi (down toward the bottom).. designer Erica Knight.
Easy knit and very grateful I don't do the finishing lol as I wouldn't want to do the zip! coward.. yep that is me
This was a more recent knit, done last month... kinda in a hurry to get it ready for this month but we got it done thanks to Anna (the editor) super sewing and me knitting.

In the midst of knitting for Anni, this time working with Manos del Uruguay, Silk Blend.. she has some super new designs for them.. got 5 to do.. done one, nearly finished the second.. so I have better get back to it..

Till next time x

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Anonymous said...

Wow :) you do lovely knitting. How did you get into knitting for magazines?