16 May 2010


A dress I knitted for Anni back in March, made front cover of issue 26 of Yarn Forward
Link takes you to the preview page.
Can't say the colour appealed to me, while working it.. but looks good on the cover... the yarn is gorgeous though.

This week had a tiny break from working for Yarn Forward, had a back and front of a sleeveless mans top to do.. posted that Monday and got more yarn on Thursday to do a zipper cardi.. mens again.. so made the most of those few days free to finish a jumper for me.. one that has been worked between knitting for Anni and YF.

Sandrine by Chicknits

Yarn Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK Colour way Prints Spring Bouquet
Loved the way this knitting up, hated there wasn't one whole ball, all bits joined with stupid knots... errrr.
This design is done from the top down,so little finishing.. would have been it I didn't have so many ends to weave in.

I have made a good start on another Chicknit pattern,  Mondo Cable Pulli, just got to under the arms where now its simple in the round knitting down the body.. love its simplicity in how its worked and the yarn is gorgeous, Sidar, Denim Aran.. so soft and squishy.. the link takes you to the online shop where I bought the yarn.. in Madder colourway.. in real life looks like raspberry crush.. gorgeous.. my boys gave me money for my birthday at the start of the month and I chooose that and the Nutmeg Marl... going to do the Madder in the long sleeved version and the Nutmeg shorter/cap sleeved verison.. although this yarn seems to be going a long way.. might get two long sleeves pulli's (love that word lol)

I can't recommend this online shop highly enough, ordered the yarn, on a Wednesday evening and the yarn was here, on the Friday.. free postage over £30.00 and they sent it recorded! very good service.

Right better get back to the YF knit.. trying to have it  back to them by the end of the week..

Till next time xxx


Kay said...

(((((Pixie))))) WOW gorgeous dress, your so talented, I think my talent is all in my feet.

Luv ya

Riggwelter said...

The dress looks gorgeous.