11 May 2010

Peacock Electric Spinner

A chance conversation, at last months WSD Guild meeting about spinning wheels and how I am waiting on a Majacraft Pioneer to be able to spin more comforatably.. I love my Louet S10 but being single treadle does cause me a lot of pain... so puts me off spinning as I do like to finish what I start!.

The lovely lady I was talking too has been spinning for a number of years and got what I was saying, and said she had a Peacock for sale.

This month she brought it with her and I feel in love with this cute little machine and its all mine! To be honest never gave having a motor to do all the hard work a thought.. feels some how like cheating lol and I do find not having to use my legs/feet kinda odd.. but good as I can stop when I want to.. not because I have too.

Here are some photos

Click to view larger if  you wish.

Its neat as you can control the speed with a dail at the front of the machine, or a sewing machine foot pedal which the lady had put on.

Theres about 40g on the bobbin and lovely having a effortless spinning session.

Well till next time.. Take Care x


Anonymous said...

Ooh I like :) I've just started spinning using a drop spindle and really enjoying it :) just need to get some more roving!

Anni said...

wow, what a fantasic little wheel. Which make is it? I saw an Ashford electric wheel once. Threadling is the only exercise I get though. Just as good as cycling, isn't it?!! LOL.

mountain.belle said...

Hi there! A few years later, but I was google searching for the Peacock Electric Spinner & found your lovely blog..... just wondering if you have any feedback after using yours? ANy trouble with it? I have the chance to buy a second-hand one where I live in NZ at a really good price compared to the new ones Ashford makes. Only thing is, I am hoping to attach a jumbo flyer to it if possible since I like to use chunky bulky yarns. Do you know the largest yarn that could be used with this? Kind regards,

Pixie said...

Hi Jillian,

I no longer have the Peacock spinner and I tend to spin fine, so I have no idea on how thick you would be able to go up too.. sorry not much help to you.. hope you enjoy it though :)