02 January 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.

Ours was good, quiet Christmas day (just me and Troy) and not so quiet afterwards lol.. we all got what we wanted and needed too!

With our freezing weather decided I needed a hat! not really a hat person.. Tracy (Taryl's girlfriend) loves hats so I knew if I made one and didn't like.. she would find it a good home..

First one .. I didn't like .. double knit and cables.. that will either live with Tracy or she is torn about giving it to her sister.. no photos as that one flat didn't really show much of the detail.

So from there decided, sock weight ( 4ply) and lacey would work better for me.

Taryl and Tracy had a  rummage through my stash and decided on a Anni Yarn Addict yarn
In colour way Plum Pudding ( very apt for knitting over the Christmas time!)

Pattern Parnassius Apollo Beret  Ravelry link

Did a tubular cast on and used 3.75 mm needle for main part

Its perfect for me and I have worn it a couple of times since.

Had enough over to make a pair of mitts

Based on the Pattern Mitt Envy

I changed the cable pattern and worked 4 rows between cables to lengthen the pattern slightly

Perfect fit and with 4gs of yarn left over.

This set goes really well with the scarf I wove a while back and kept for myself..

Anni Cashmere in the colourway Plum.. so meant to be

Wishing every one a really good 2010

Till next time xxx


Viknits said...

Hey, your blog is so beautiful!
Love the hat and mitts, I really adore the colour and they look like a really good fit (the mitts).
The woven scarf is beautiful too - it looks very soft and snuggly! Ahhh cashmere! :)
Happy new year

Tama said...

HI! Your blog is really cute! I want that woven scarf! I am in the process of obtaining some of that lucious yarn from Anni. It looks so warm and soft.