06 March 2010

Something to show!

Been super busy with the needles, working for Anni .. last month knitted a sweater, a scarf and a shawl... first two for a yarn company and third a magazine submission.. more on those when they get published.. so cool working for Anni and getting to try out patterns and with the first two a brand new lace yarn..

Before I got to work on those, went to Spin a Yarn in Bovey Tracy with Anni, for the knitting coffee morning, where I got to choose yarn to make myself Lilia
So cool to choose yarn with the designer and I love my choice..

So here is my version

Yarn King Cole Mirage .. Colour way Istanbul 868
Bought 5 balls, and had more than enough to make mine longer than pattern and to make sure the colours matched for the front.. had to re-knit one of the sleeves as that ball something funky happened with one of the colours and I do like things to near enough line up! .. Pickie Pixie I know lol

My hands are now complaining from the sewing up, so my next project for me is going to be no seams! got a couple of things in mind...

That is the good thing about working for Anni, she does the finishing..

Till next time.. take care x


Anni said...

The sweater looks gorgeous. Love the colours. Your next project for me includes no sewing at all, I like that. LOL. Don't mind sewing up too much but I prefer not to. My current project is all knitted in the round in one piece too. I'm doing lots more of htat with my new designs.

Enjoyed seeing you on Tuesday.

HOpe your hands get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Loving the colours of the sweater. I'm making one in grey. Jealous you get to pick yarn with the designer :)