17 September 2010

Journey to Pogona

All started back in December.. that was the last time I dyed any fibre.. been too busy since!

So some white merino was turned into this

Which I named Yasmina

And was the first fibre I spun on my Pioneer wheel

On the bobbin

Spun and plied.. 557 yrds

Over at Ravelry, came across the pattern Pogona and knew that was the one for this yarn

Stephen used fingering weight yarn and mine going by wraps per inch was slightly finer.. so went down a needle size to 3.75m and I had enough yarn.. with a little left over.. better that that not enough ;)
Love how this one has turned out .. just need the weather to turn  chilly and I will be wearing it.


Anni said...

Just love that shawl. Your handspun yarn looks very different to the dyed fibre though. Looked beautiful in real life though. Will definitely be my next spinning project I think. Just need to choose which fibre to use.

Anni said...

forgot to add, wonder who's been making you so busy?! LOL